Popular activities in this area

White Water Rafting in Kithulgala

The nearby Kitulgala is considered Sri Lanka’s whitewater rafting hub. The high adrenaline adventure on the white water section of the Kelani river around Kitulgala is suitable for first-time ‘go for it’ rafters and experts alike. The river’s clear water is born in the heart of the peak wilderness reserve and tumbles through a rocky gorge.

Adventure Activities

In addition to white water rafting, The area offers plenty for trekking and unlimited opportunities for adventure seekers. Trek through the dense jungles and thick foliage, clamber up vertical rock faces, or dive into deep reservoirs—you decide the intensity of your adventure.

Bird Watching

The area around the hotel and nearby Kithulgala is one of the best bird-watching destinations in Sri Lanka which includes an area of primary and mature secondary forest. You can see the wonderful pairs of Sri Lanka Frogmouths cuddling up to each other on a branch when you are trekking along your path silently or a Green-billed Coucal flying sedately across the river and giving you an eyeball view. Walks in the forests will bring you many special birds which are migrated to the area and many other rare varieties of Sri Lankan birds.

Nearby Attractions

Bridge over the River Kwai

The scenic location used for the film ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ which is also a good place to jump in for a refreshing swim is a place where not to be missed when you are at Breeta Gardens. For those who would like to enjoy the river and its wonderful scenery without the thrills and spills of large rapids, you can raft through the flatter section of the lower gorge. Suitable for children over six and family groups.

Laxapana Falls

At Kotalatenne village, is the 377 feet high-waterfall that literally light up the country. It is formed by the waters of Maskeli Oya which flows from Indikatupana in Sri Pada (Adams Peak). Known in ancient times as Veddahiti Ella, it is better known today as Laxapana (a hundred thousand lamps) its gigantic power generates electricity for the island. Laxapana fall is 377 feet high. Laxapana falls is the Forth highest waterfall of Sri Lanka and it’s situated in the former Aberdeen estate.

Aberdeen Falls

A mere 5 Km away from Laxapana you will find the 322 feet high Aberdeen Falls. The falls is accessible via Ginigathhena, located at the Colombo – Hatton main Road. This waterfall is found below the Castlereigh Reservoir on the grounds of the former Aberdeen Estate. The Aberdeen Falls are notable for the three cascades that plunge past a rock wall containing water-hewn caves into a large, deep pool set within big boulders

Adams Peak

Adam’s Peak or the Sri Pada is an important pilgrim site. Buddhist believe the impression on the summit is the footprint of Lord Buddha himself. Though it takes around 5 hours to reach the peak by foot, devotees of many religions climb the mountain daily to invoke blessings. The mountain is also named Samanala Kanda or Butterfly Mountain.

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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya which is known as Little England which is only 2 hours drive from the hotel is situated in the central mountains at an altitude of over 6000 feets-is the premier hill resort of Sri Lanka. Overlooked by Mt. Piduratalagala, the highest peak of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya’s literal meaning is the City Of Light

Developed by Britishers as an exact replica of the British town, Nuwara Eliya produces some of the country’s best tea. With an average temperature of 10 C, Nuwara Eliya provides respite from the hot and humid temperature of the plains. Major tourist attractions are Horton Plains, a National Park where sambhar and leopard are frequent sights, and Hakgala Botanical Gardens famous for its collection of roses and the rare fernery. The town is an excellent getaway for trekkers and nature lovers.