Hotel & Restaurant in Kithulgala,Sri Lanka

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photo of the entrance of hotel breeta's garden

21 Years Of Warm Welcome…

Hotel Breeta’s garden has been built at a scenic location at Ranjurawa, Ginigathhena along the Colombo-Hatton highway, overlooking the cascading Aberdeen waterfall. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lush tea estate. The beautiful swimming pool herein is a rare feature for a hotel in the hill country. The hotel has introduced an international lunch buffet at an attractive price, in-house.

“Ranjurawa” where the hotel is located in a small village in between Ginigathhena and Kithulgala is a top health resort in Sri Lanka due to its cool and mild, dry and cool climate where temperature average is about 20 centigrade (1200 m from the sea level) and its scenic location with the green mountains and the beautiful tea estates. This location is comfortable amidst serene tranquility and quiet stillness and it’s only two and a half drive from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo

Activities & Attractions

Swimming Pool

A unique feature at Hotel Breeta’s Garden is the swimming pool built on top of a lush tea estate on which the hotel stands. It is said to be one of the very few swimming pools in the hill country. The pool has been built in such a manner that guests get a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and beautiful waterfalls while having a dip in the swimming pool. Many tourists on their maiden visits to Sri Lanka were impressed by the swimming pool built at Breeta’s garden

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